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Over a 30-day recruiting campaign, we received 25 applications from a total of 2,355 drivers who viewed our advertisement. This was part of a broader effort involving 67 local ads, all targeted at various hiring zones.

Enhance your driver recruitment with the aid of ClassATransport.com's experienced recruiters and our suite of free tools and strategies, honed over 19 years of assisting businesses like yours.

At ClassATransport.com, we've been instrumental in helping thousands of transportation companies meet their recruitment goals. By employing the strategies and technology used by our recruiters, these companies have successfully hired CDL drivers.

To date, we have facilitated the delivery of over 350,000+ applications, aiding companies in their ongoing recruitment and hiring processes throughout the year.

We invite you to spend 10 minutes with us to discover how we can assist you in recruiting and hiring commercial licensed drivers.

Schedule your complimentary 10-minute consultation call to explore how we can help you recruit and hire more CDL drivers.

https://classatransport.com/casestudy or call us at 800-940-6353

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