Driver Recruitment Success: Safety In Numbers And The Law Of Averages

Discover the strategic roadmap to CDL driver recruitment success with Damon Levy as he delves into the core principles of achieving hiring success even in varying economic landscapes – the invaluable strategies of safety in numbers and the law of averages in the short video reel in this post.

Set Clear Daily Targets & Commit

Establish a daily driver outreach quota for connecting with CDL drivers and commit unwaveringly to this goal. This disciplined approach ensures a steady stream of CDL driver applicants, unaffected by market fluctuations.

Consistency Yields Results

By aiming to contact, for instance, 50 drivers each day, you unlock significant benefits for your company.

This consistent effort cultivates a reliable pipeline of driver callbacks, email engagements with for hire drivers, more positive number of responses, have more drivers show up to interviews and more ultimately hire the CDL Truck Drivers your company needs.

Explore Collaboration

We extend a cordial invitation for a 10-minute consultation to explore synergies between our 20 years of expertise and your company's recruitment needs. Let us demonstrate how our specialized knowledge can bolster your efforts in sourcing and onboarding more licensed commercial drivers.

Schedule Your No Cost Recruitment Consultation

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WHAT WE DO recruiters specialize in a recruitment process known as 'Unbundling.' In this process, we find, introduce, and get applicants interested in a vacancy or job opening opportunity, ultimately getting them to apply. By adopting this approach, we save our employers time and resources typically spent on recruitment. Our Unbundling approach effectively generates a focused influx of CDL Driver and Logistics candidates, tailored to meet our employers' specific hiring needs in their desired areas.


We create proactive ('go out and get') and reactive ('get them to come to us') recruiting campaigns for our hiring employers. Our technology targets various sources, both online and offline, to find applicants in the geographic locations where our employers are hiring.

Additionally, our recruiting and hiring technology leverages an 'Intelligent Match' system. This system identifies qualified applicants from our growing database of over 250,000 drivers and invites them to apply.

Unleash the potential of your recruitment initiatives by embracing these proven and tested tactics, and let's navigate the path to success together. Recruitment Specialists have helped Companies in the transportation and logistics industry hire commercial licensed drivers for the last 20 years.