Commercial Licensed Driver Recruitment Strategies: Using Databases

Commercial Licensed Driver Recruitment: Using Databases

Driver Recruitment: Using Databases

In this short strategic reel, Damon Levy, reminds us about driver recruitment using Databases. Some people may be against using CDL Truck Driver databases because they prefer getting recent driver applicants.

But what happens when you are not receiving any inbound CDL Driver applicants? As the old saying goes, if they are not coming in, you are going out there to get them.

Good driver databases can be one of the most powerful tools you can use for your CDL driver recruitment efforts that is highly effective once you put in the work required to contact as many drivers as you need to contact by phone, email or texts.

You are in control and it's just a numbers game. If it requires you to make 400 calls, emails or texts from the database to go and get the necessary hires, that is all that matters.

We invite you to spend 10 minutes with us to discover how we can assist you in recruiting and hiring commercial licensed drivers.

Schedule your complimentary 10-minute consultation call to explore how we can help you recruit and hire more CDL drivers. or call us at 800-940-6353

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