How CDL Recruiters Substantially Increase Driver Applicant Flow For Your Company Right In Your Hiring Areas

350,000 + Applications Delivered to logistics and transportation companies such as yours only at

Are you still struggling to hire and recruit CDL Truck Driver and Logistics Personnel with your current recruiting process? Are you spending too much time and money but still are not getting anyone to apply for your job vacancy? Maybe it is time you partnered with a specialized and experienced transportation and warehouse logistics recruiter with experience. CDL recruiters can substantially increase driver applicant flow for any company in the transportation and warehouse industries like we have done successfully the last 19 years by creating powerful custom targeted recruiting local zone hiring campaigns across the web and off the web for your company in your hiring areas.

We also achieve this by implementing several effective recruiting and hiring strategies that engages and targets our active base of local CDL Truck Drivers already looking for opportunities such as those offered by your company and encourage them to apply immediately to the job vacancy with urgency.

There is no magic pill to hiring and recruiting qualified drivers that can make the process any easier or less painful. However, whether is and where we come in and where we can make this recruiting and hiring process be a bit less painless and more results oriented for bringing qualified driver applicants your way is with the management tools, hiring solutions and recruiting services that we have created for your company since 2004 and that has already brought in thousands upon thousands of qualified driver and logistics personnel applicants to thousands of transportation and logistics companies like yours.

What is, is a recruitment and marketing solutions company that exclusively builds custom targeted campaigns to recruit Class A and Class B CDL Truck Drivers and logistics personnel in the geographical area where your company needs them. We have successfully delivered over 350,000+ qualified driver and logistics applicants to transportation and warehouse companies.

We also give you the management tools and a recruiting management dashboard platform where you can buy and create custom recruiting packages and order customized services that your company needs, tools that allow you to contact and communicate with driver applicants directly, mark driver applicants that don't meet your requirements, setup interviews and manage your entire recruiting and hiring process.

By combining these powerful recruiting and hiring strategies and by giving you the tools to manage your entire recruiting and hiring process and by continually assessing and adjusting your recruitment efforts, CDL recruiters can significantly increase the flow of driver applicants in their hiring areas. Nationwide Truck Driver Jobs Board plus 1000's of related job sites Syndicated with the click of a button

Online Job Postings Syndicated Across the entire Web through ensures that your recruiting messages reaches qualified candidates. We make sure that your job postings are easily accessible and visible on our website and at the most popular job boards that most truck drivers use and we also syndicate and feed your job announcement across the entire web focused in the geographical area where you need to hire so that your company's job vacancy may be seen by the right individuals looking for a job and your message can reach the maximum amount of people.

We use clear, compelling language to describe the job and its benefits and we leverage our experience and the recruiting solutions and services we have built for companies like yours the last 19 years. We even create campaigns that run on, one of the internet's top destinations for CDL truck driver and logistics personnel job postings, where companies in the transportation and warehouse industry hire top qualified and talented truck drivers. Many of our campaigns start generating driver applicants within 24 hours, and we are able to reach hard-to-find candidates anywhere in the United States.

Recruit and Hire CDL Truck Drivers and Logistics Personnel in your local area using together with

Focused Audience Targeting

The key to a successful recruitment campaign is effective audience targeting, market targeting, and effective job postings syndication. After 19 years, we have one of the largest targeted active audiences for most driver and logistics positions. Even the best ad campaigns will have minimal results if they do not reach the right audience in the right way. That is why at our recruiters help you tap into our active base of drivers and logistics personnel in the area and location where you need to hire so that your message is targeted and concentrated in the geographical region and target location that you want us to focus on.

We don't target anyone that is not an active CDL Truck Driver or Logistics Personnel and only target applicants that have shown intent and are actively looking for opportunities in your area. This ensures your message is seen only by the people you are looking for and increases the chances of hiring the right applicants. We also target your advertising in online ad platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter among others to leverage the power of community and the online groups where drivers might be looking for job opportunities so we can reach a broader audience of potential drivers and logistics personnel in your desired hiring areas. together with connects drivers to the companies looking to hire them and have made it simple and easy for truck drivers to apply.

SMS Targeted Hiring Solutions & Mass Email Targeted Recruiting Services

We send over 3 million email job alerts each month and target active qualified CDL truck drivers and logistics personnel in your hiring zones. All recruitment campaigns receive text marketing to specific candidates in your immediate hiring area(s) and are invited to apply to your openings. Our email and messaging platform specifically target people that match your hiring criteria and have shown interest in getting hired. We have an active base of highly qualified truck drivers and owner operators that have opted to be contacted with hiring and recruiting opportunities from our recruiters.

No need to spend time creating messages and finding candidates the old way or wasting money paying job boards that target people other than transportation and logistics employees. Let our powerful SMS recruiting services and Email hiring solutions bring your company the top qualified drivers and logistics personnel in the area. Stop struggling and wasting more time recruiting the old way. Recruit and hire with has created recruiting tools and hiring solutions that easily connects you to your target audience

Mobile Interface & Application Delivery connects you to top qualified applicants in your targeted region recruiters have spent the last 19 years developing the tools to effectively reach our target audience. We have streamlined the application process that our active drivers and logistics personnel use to apply for any job opening. We have developed a 1- Minute application process that allows applicants to apply easily and conveniently from their phones online. We also made it easy for you the recruiter to provide quick response times to the applications that you receive. We really have made it easier and less painless for applicants to submit their information. This raises the probability of getting more applicants faster than any online Job board can offer you.

85% of all applicants received from us come through a mobile device. Our platform supports mobile applications, which helps increase the number of applicants because we target and make it easy for them to apply to any job opening that they choose to receive. We really have become experts at matching your company with the right applicants in your hiring areas. Why waste time and energy showing your job posting to applicants in New York when you need them in Florida? We increase the chances your company will reach and connect with the top applicant pool in the geographic area you target.

Powerful Recruiting & Management Dashboard, Fresh Metrics, Active Database & Hiring Tools That Deliver Solutions only at

Powerful Recruiting & Management Dashboard, Fresh Metrics, Active Database & Hiring Tools That Deliver Solutions

We offer a simple yet comprehensive suite of management tools as part of our campaigns that come with your account With these recruiting tools, you can manage applications, send mass emails, forward applications, track metrics, listen to recruitment audios, get scripts, and access our massive database of truck drivers, logistics personnel, and 400,000+ Owner Operators.

Take advantage of our years of experience in the industry and leverage our powerful recruiting tools to manage and hire the top qualified candidates your company is looking for.

Learn more about how and together can help you recruit and hire more qualified applicants today.


Transportation & Logistics is our specialty! 1000's of clients and successful campaigns.

  • Over 350,000 Applications delivered.
  • Applications & resumes are targeted to you.
  • Dashboard and mass email access.
  • Database access to over 200,000 Applicants.
  • Database access to 400,000 + Owner Operators.
  • Drivers targeted to you in your desired areas.
  • We guarantee to deliver applicants!
  • Nothing exists more effective!

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