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The Real Issue when it comes to hiring in the Trucking Industry

The Leads The trucking industry is a crucial part of the supply chain and plays a vital role in the economy, but it is facing a major challenge: ghosting and perceived shortages. Companies in the transportation industry often complain about the quality of leads they receive, but is it really the leads that are the problem? The reality is that the issue lies within the HR and recruitment processes, not the leads themselves.

Lead Quality Misconceptions One of the biggest misconceptions in the trucking industry is that the leads are not good enough. Many companies believe that they are not getting enough high-quality drivers because the leads they receive are not good enough. However, the truth is that the leads themselves are not the problem; it is how the HR and recruitment teams handle these leads that make the difference.

HR and Recruitment Processes The HR and recruitment teams play a crucial role in hiring drivers. It is their job to contact the leads, screen the applicants, and assess their qualifications. A well-trained HR or recruitment team can make all the difference in the success of a hiring process. The skills and experience of the HR and recruitment teams will determine whether they can convert a lead into a hire.

Recruitment Skill Level One of the biggest challenges in the trucking industry is the high turnover rate among drivers. Companies are constantly looking for new drivers to replace those who leave. This makes the HR and recruitment process even more important, as it is the HR and recruitment teams who will find and hire the replacements. If the HR and recruitment teams are not skilled in their processes, it will result in a longer time to fill the open positions and a higher turnover rate.

Consistency in Follow Up Another factor that contributes to the problem is the lack of consistency in the HR and recruitment process. Even if two recruiters receive the same leads, one may be successful in converting them into hires, while the other may not. This lack of consistency is a result of the varying levels of experience and skill among HR and recruitment teams. For example, most HR & recruitment teams are unaware of the fact that it takes 3-5 phone calls, text messages and emails combined to even get a response from an applicant. Many quit before this threshold is met. Also, the voicemail messages that are left for the applicant play a major role in getting a response.

In Conclusion The real issue in the trucking industry is not the leads, but the HR and recruitment process. Companies should focus on improving the skills and training of their HR and recruitment teams in order to ensure that they can effectively convert leads into hires. This will result in a more efficient hiring process and a lower turnover rate, which will help to alleviate some of the hiring challenges companies are facing.

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