Employers Are Hiring More Commercial Truck Drivers with ClassATransport.com

Employers Are Hiring More Commercial Truck Drivers with ClassATransport.com

Employers Are Hiring More Commercial Truck Drivers with ClassATransport.com

The Impact of ClassATransport.com Recruitment Specialists: A 20-Year Trend in Increased Consistency Hiring of Commercial Truck Drivers

The demand for commercial truck drivers has experienced significant growth in recent decades, and the role of recruitment specialists in meeting this demand has become increasingly crucial. We delve into the lasting impact of ClassATransport.com recruitment specialists, highlighting a 20-year trend of employers consistently hiring more commercial truck drivers through their expertise.

Employers have increasingly turned to ClassATransport.com recruitment specialists over the past two decades, relying on their expertise to successfully hire a growing number of commercial truck drivers to keep their goods moving from place to place.

The trucking industry has undergone major changes over the last 20 years. With the use of technology and logistics truck drivers move cargo of goods Nationwide being an important aspect of the economy. Companies that hire truck drivers are looking for the most qualified and experienced truck drivers.

If companies do not have an in house recruiting specialists they must invest in building the infrastructure and start making the connection and building the relationships necessary to build a hiring pipeline all year round.

Companies in the transportation and logistics industries face a challenging task to consistently recruit and hire the most qualified drivers when there is a scarcity of drivers and must keep up with their competitors wanting to hire the same drivers.

Our ClassATransport.com Recruitment Specialists play a pivotal role in connecting with enough qualified drivers ina particular geographical area and they ensure there is enough visibility of your job opportunity being shown to available CDL drivers.

We specialize in a recruitment process known as 'Unbundling.' In this process, we find, introduce, and get applicants interested in an opportunity, ultimately getting them to apply.

By adopting this approach, we save our employers time and resources typically spent on recruitment. Our Unbundling approach effectively generates a focused influx of CDL Driver and Logistics candidates, tailored to meet our employers' specific hiring needs in their desired areas.

We create proactive ('go out and get') and reactive ('get them to come to us') recruiting campaigns for our employers.

Our technology targets various sources, both online and offline, to find applicants in the geographic locations where our employers are hiring.

Additionally, our recruiting and hiring technology leverages an 'Intelligent Match' system. This system identifies qualified applicants from our growing database of over 250,000 drivers and invites them to apply

ClassATransport.com is a 20 year old transportation recruiting company that specializes in sourcing and recruiting local licensed commercial drivers & logistics personnel.

We have a finely tuned recruitment marketing approach that allows us to find and source applicants anywhere in the continental United States, even in the toughest markets! We target qualified applicants based on position type, requirements and the locations our employers are hiring from.

In conclusion, the consistent increase in the hiring of commercial truck drivers by employers through ClassATransport.com recruitment specialists over the last 20 years underscores the enduring success and impact of their strategies. As the trucking industry continues to evolve, the role of recruitment specialists remains instrumental in bridging the gap between employers and qualified drivers, with ClassATransport.com standing as a testament to this ongoing trend.

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