CDL Truck Driver Recruiting Daily Pointers, Tips & Working Strategies For Consistent Flow Of CDL Applications Used By Recruiters The Last 20 Years

Case Study of CDL Truck Driver Recruitment Results

Our CDL recruitment specialists have been helping transportation and logistics companies overcome the obstacles and pain points of recruiting, hiring and retaining CDL Truck Drivers over the last 20 years. Over those years we have learned strategies that have helped us reach more local drivers and connect them with employers like yourself no matter the business climate.

We can help your company save time and resources and avoid the obstacles of recruiting drivers and keep more of your fleet of trucks and cargo on the road therefore minimizing downtime and loss of revenue. CDL Recruitment Specialists and Engineers have also built powerful hiring tools and a recruiting management platform and dashboard that makes it easy to connect with the CDL driver applicants that respond to your job announcements and communicate with them via email, text or phone calls.

Our Experience the last 20 years has also allowed us to build solid relationships across the transportation and warehouse industry making it easier and more efficient for our clients and employers looking for commercial license drivers to recruit and hire faster and connect with more CDL drivers using our vast network.

Our Senior Recruitment Specialist and General Manager, Damon Levy has also helped thousands of employers hire truck drivers effectively and offers tips, daily pointers and strategies in a series of short video reels on our Instagram and YouTube platforms and across the other main social sites that can give those looking to recruit and hire CDL Truck Drivers insights, guidance and direction to hire more CDL drivers effectively and avoid wasting energy and resources in what doesn't work.

Why are you not using for all your CDL driver and logistics personnel recruitment needs?

In this short reel Damon Levy explains that our recruitment based solutions have stood the test of time and have only improved our recruitment solutions that we have offered since 2004.

If you are struggling with getting CDL drivers to return your phone calls or respond to your emails or texts, CDL recruitment specialists can help create a custom solution specific to your hiring needs and in the areas you need that is sure to connect you with local drivers.

We have case study after case study with solid recruitment results that companies have achieved through the years by hiring with us.

Proactive Vs. Reactive In Your CDL Driver Recruitment Efforts

In this short strategy video Reel, Damon Levy compares two types of commercial licensed driver recruitment efforts; one being Proactive recruitment vs. Reactive recruitment efforts. As you can already tell, our recruitment specialists are always proactive when designing and building a custom solution for your company.

Reactive recruitment is when you wait for drivers to respond to you and don’t take an active approach to engage those drivers vs. the way our CDL Recruitment Specialists actively engage the driver applicants that respond to us. The results of having a proactive approach to your recruitment efforts is a higher rate of drivers responding to your job vacancies and the hiring of more drivers and less down time which is costly in itself. recruitment specialists proactively go out and connect you with active local drivers already looking for job opportunities in your area. We have an active base of over 250,000 commercial licensed drivers that we reach out to on behalf of our employers and engage them constantly to apply and respond to our job announcements.

Getting Commercial Licensed Drivers To Follow Up With You During The Recruiting Process

In this short strategy video reel Damon Levy discusses what it takes to successfully recruit and hire truck drivers. When a driver shows interest in your job opportunity and replies to you, it usually takes over 7 different phone calls, emails, texts and messages of engagement to get drivers to respond during the different stages of the hiring process. It will take multiple attempts to keep drivers engaged and responding but it is well worth the effort when you connect with them.

Also Mr. Levy recommends you create a sense of urgency of the job opportunity and vacancy so that more drivers respond to you. Watch the video to learn more or contact one of our recruitment solutions specialists.

How To Get Commercial Licensed Drivers To Return Your Recruiting Calls After They Have Applied

Pain Point 1: Getting Replies From Driver Applicants

In This Short Quick Strategic Reel, Damon Levy, Managing Partner at gives employers free strategies to have more drivers reply and respond to you.

Creating a sense of urgency and a unique potential match with the company and contacting the drivers via email, phone calls or text multiple times to start building a relationship will result in a higher volume of driver applicants responding and showing to interviews. It really comes down to how you present the opportunity and follow up.

Pain Point 2: Getting Driver Applicants To Show Up To Their Own Job Interviews

Damon Levy, Managing Director at gives employers tips and strategies to create a sense of urgency and also a sense of of loss of opportunity when communicating with drivers. You have to ensure that the CDL driver applicant knows he is one of the few finalists for the position and that the interview will determine who is the best driver of the pool of applicants. . Also convey to them that we only have limited time slots available and we are adding them as one of the finalists of that driver applicant pool.

Hire more drivers with the help of recruitment specialists and the free tools and strategies that we have learned from the 20 years.

No CDL Driver Applicant Is A Bad Applicant, But Instead Can Be Your Referral For Your Next Hire

In this short reel, Damon Levy, managing Director reminds employers hiring truck drivers that every applicant they have talked to in the past is also an opportunity to connect with other drivers that they may know.

Don’t disqualify a driver just because he does not meet all the criteria and requirements of the job description. These CDL drivers network among themselves and help each other land the best opportunities. Ask your old driver applicants if they know any other driver that may be a fit. They can help you recruit more drivers if you just ask.

Pain Point 3: Retaining CDL Truck Drivers

One of the most difficult situations for companies that hire and employ drivers is retaining those drivers as competition can be fierce and drivers may be bombarded by job opportunities that offer better incentives or the facilities are bigger and better.

Regardless of the size of your company and the type of benefits you offer your drivers, the main strategy to retain your employees is what type of company culture your company has and the amount of communication and relationships you have with your current drivers. Are they like family? Chances are they will stay with the company longer by how they are treated at your company.

Companies with the best company culture and open door policy as well as the relationship that you have developed with the driver will more likely keep more drivers if you make it the best place to work for them rather than go anywhere else.

Pointer Of The Day: Old Applicants

In this quick pointer of the day, Damon Levy recommends that those recruiting truck drivers go back and revisit old commercial licenced driver applications that you may have received months ago if not years ago and send them a text, email or call them to find out if they are looking for a new job opportunity or know someone that is qualified and looking for work. You will be surprised how well that works and yields results.

Remember that these drivers network and have friends that help each other get the best job possible.

CDL Driver Recruiting Pointer Of The Day: Set Time Slot

In this short reel, Damon Levy, Managing Director at reminds employers to set time slots for interviews right away when they get a reply from a driver to minimize those CDL Driver applicants from ghosting their appointments

Create a sense of urgency and send them reminders of the opportunity they just landed. Text, email or call to remind them of their appointment to minimize drivers skipping on interviews and follow up communication until hired.

CDL Truck Driver Recruiting Tip Of The Day: Generate Activity

In this CDL driver recruiting tip and strategic short reel, Damon Levy, managing director at reminds you that the amount of activity and response you generate when hiring truck drivers is proportionate to the amount of effort you do when it comes to being active with email, text, phone calls, marketing, call backs, referrals and any other activity that connect you with more drivers. The more active you are as a recruiter the more results you likely to get.’s Recruitment Strategy: Unbundling

In this short quick tip and strategic reel, Damon Levy, Managing Director of explains the strategy that our CDL Recruiters use which we call Unbundling. Once we receive your active job opportunities/job openings, we do the heavy lifting to ensure we show your job announcements to active CDL Drivers in your hiring area.

Once we start receiving CDL driver applicants that match your job description and job requirements, we will email you those CDL driver applications for your immediate review. CDL Recruiters take care of all the Unbundling for your company saving you time, money and eliminates trial and error and greater chances of hiring local active commercial licensed drivers in your area.

Give us 10 minutes of your time to explore ways we can help you recruit and hire the commercial licensed drivers you need.

Book Your Free Consultation call to explore ways we can help you recruit and hire more CDL drivers. or call us at 800-940-6353

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