From Applicants To New Hires: Learn The Best CDL Recruiting Strategies In The Transportation Industry

Over the past 19 years, Recruiters have diligently connected commercially licensed drivers with employers in the transportation and logistics industry, delivering over 350,000+ successful applications to companies like yours. Simultaneously, we've crafted the most user-friendly driver recruiting dashboard, enabling employers to streamline the entire recruiting and hiring process from a single platform.

Through our extensive experience, we've recognized that no two clients or drivers share identical needs. Over these years, we've developed strategies to attract more qualified CDL Drivers, enhancing response rates to recruiting calls and emails and ensuring a higher rate of drivers attending interviews.

We've also refined tactics to elevate the likelihood of commercial licensed drivers showing up for interviews, ultimately facilitating quicker hiring processes and avoiding common pitfalls in the industry.

If you've faced challenges recruiting truck drivers, struggling to secure qualified applications or experiencing low responsiveness, you're not alone. Have you invested weeks in the hiring process, only to face no-shows on the first day of work?

In the transportation industry, our clients have entrusted's custom recruiting and hiring solutions for 19 years. Our proven strategies increase response rates, interview attendance, and successful onboarding.

Successful CDL driver recruitment has always hinged on a secret sauce, emphasizing #’s and activity. Consistency in hiring results from proactively communicating your opportunity. In the trucking world, this concept holds even more weight due to the ongoing nature of hiring.

Here are time-tested strategies to maximize the potential of applicants through


Approach every conversation with the attitude that you're either hiring now, at some point, or they will refer you to someone suitable.

Don't rely solely on email. Engage with phones and texts, recognizing recruiting as a constant sport.

Make 5-7 calls to each applicant if they don't return your call.

Send 5-7 texts to each applicant if there's no response.

Email each applicant 5-7 times in case of non-response.

Craft enticing voicemails, texts, and emails to prompt candidate responses.

Additional pointers for successful recruitment efforts:

Contact all applicants, as often even those seemingly unqualified may possess the desired qualifications.

Instill a sense of urgency in your company to expedite hires.

Offer compelling reasons to work for you, such as culture, bonuses, pay, and quality equipment.

Request referrals from applicants and maintain high levels of activity for favorable results.

Constantly optimize job listings for clarity and highlight key benefits.

Utilize our Targeted Advertising at for higher visibility among CDL drivers.

Provide competitive compensation to attract experienced drivers in a competitive market.

Streamline the application process for convenience, especially with a fast mobile-friendly application.

Respond promptly to inquiries and communicate the next steps clearly.

Implement a driver referral program for hiring incentives.

Use a fast mobile-friendly application to encourage more submissions.

Personalize your outreach to make candidates feel valued.

Display positive reviews and testimonials from current drivers.

Offer interview flexibility and clear onboarding information.

Regularly follow up with applicants and new hires for sustained engagement.

Continuously gather feedback to improve the recruitment process and company culture.

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