Guide To Successfully Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining CDL Truck Drivers In Today's Environment

Guide To Successfully Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining CDL Truck Drivers In Today's Environment

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Thanks for spending some time to learn a little bit more about and how our products and recruiting solutions can help your company find and hire more CDL qualified truck drivers when and where you need them.

Look, I get it! It's a tough market out there to recruit truck drivers. In my over two decades of helping transportation companies, this is probably one of the toughest markets I've seen for hiring and recruiting and retaining qualified truck drivers.

There is no magic pill to hiring and recruiting drivers that can make this process any easier. However, whether is and where we come in and where we can make this recruiting and hiring process be a bit less painless and more results oriented for bringing qualified driver applicants your way with the solutions we have built the last 19 year for greater success.

What is, is a recruitment and marketing solution company that exclusively builds custom targeted campaigns to recruit Class A and Class B CDL Truck Drivers in the geographical area where your company needs them. We have successfully delivered over 325,000+ qualified driver and logistics applicants to transportation and warehouse companies.

CDL Truck Driver Recruiter Services

While there is a lot of talk and chatter about CDL Truck Driver shortages, most small and medium sized companies are not really feel the effects of this nor are they being affected directly. The real challenges come from your companies' inability to get your opportunity and messages in front of enough CDL Truck Drivers drivers in your hiring areas. can effectively get your messages and opportunity in front of 1000s of qualified CDL truck drivers right where you need them and get them to reply and apply to your job openings and the opportunities your company is announcing. recruiting solutions will also provide your company the tools, scripts, voicemail messages, powerful active CDL driver databases and more that can help increase your chances of getting truck drivers to return calls, show up to job interviews and ultimately start work at your company. CDL Recruiters take a much more proactive approach to helping you get qualified CDL driver applicants versus reactive where we wait for them to come to us. This approach has been a staple, which has helped the employers and companies like yours that partner with us, recruit and hire 1000s of CDL Truck Drivers over the years in this very challenging environment. If you are NOT being proactive in your truck driver recruitment efforts, you will continue to struggle.

Recruiting Truck Driver Services

But there is help! has strategically developed a marketing recruiting and sourcing platform and database technology that allows us to source CDL Truck Drivers from virtually anywhere in the continental United States. We do this using a combination of online and offline marketing efforts customized to your company's recruiting needs, also by text blast marketing, email marketing, social media and other job board partnerships, and we're working with a growing active base of close to a quarter million highly qualified CDL truck drivers.

Once Recruiters tap into the pool of qualified CDL drivers in your hiring geographic areas, we take a short form application on the CDL drivers which takes basic information which includes name, location, email, phone number, years driving, license type and endorsements.

Once the CDL driver application is complete, it goes through a quick filtering process and then comes through and is delivered to your company's email and it is also posted to your customized backend dashboard recruiting management account that you also get with our recruiting services.

Now these highly qualified CDL truck drivers know that it is your company they're applying to and they tend to be active and looking for an opportunity. It is up to you to take it from there.

CDL Truck Driver Recruiting Services


Recruitment Management System Dashboard Included


Driver applications are just one part of a successful approach to hiring CDL drivers in this tough market. Once you have received enough driver applications now you need to reach out to the best qualified CDL candidates and screen them, arrange interviews with the drivers and hire them. This is where our dashboard comes in.

Our backend dashboard is a simple yet highly effective driver recruitment management system, that gives you the ability to track campaign recruiting statistics and performance, manage driver applicants, mass email driver applicants, tag applicants as rejected and much more. This is a very powerful tool for managing your driver recruitment process.

truck driver recruiting services and solutions from

We have developed what we call a CDL Truck Driver find sourcing and company driver/owner operator CDL driver marketing tool. The Driver Find and Sourcing database system gives you access to hundreds of 1000s of company drivers and owner operators in all your hiring areas that you can call, email, or text and more!

Having this tool can help fill a huge recruitment gap for keeping your pipeline filled with qualified applicants and your activity levels high enough to effectively keep driver applicants coming your way.

I invite you to learn more about by calling 1-800-940-6353 or email with a request for pricing and a setup recruiting customized package. We look forward to assisting you with all your Company's CDL Truck Driver Recruiting and Hiring needs.


  • Transportation & Logistics is our specialty!
  • 1000's of clients and successful campaigns.
  • Over 325,000 Applications delivered.
  • Applications & resumes are targeted to you.
  • Dashboard and mass email access.
  • Database access to over 200,000 Applicants.
  • Database access to 400,000 + Owner Operators.
  • Applicants targeted to you in your desired areas.
  • We guarantee to deliver applicants!
  • Nothing exists more effective!

Recruiting Truck Drivers

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